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Quick update and please Vote

A few things.

1) First, I’m sorry I’m behind on getting up a new episode. Things have been crazy around here with family, writing, voice acting, and getting going. I appreicate your patience. Tomorrow I’ll be putting up a new one. I think you’ll like it. :)

2)I want to remind you all that I created to promote speculative fiction authors and writers. This includes anyone who is in print, has a story in e-form (on the web in any form like on a blog or a podcast). Just go over to and create an account then hit submit. It’s free.

I’m also looking for people who would like to help. I need people to help spread the word, to contact specific genre authors, and other fun stuff. :) This will be getting big and great things are around the cornor so I encourage you to participate in any way that you can.

3) I’d like to ask you to vote for my podcast for the Podcast awards! Just go over to Feel free to boost my ego and let me know in the comments which category you voted me for. I love knowing that kind of thing. :)

4) I may be trying to hit Philcon on Saturday. If you are going let me know. I’d love to say hello.

Many great things are coming….so keep your eyes on the site and your ears tuned to the pod! ;)


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