Welcome to the page that discusses my Podcast novel. This Podcast novel is an experiment for me. A few other people have done the same thing and I decided I wanted to try it as well. I will be writing my chapters and recording them as I go. The plot is complete but the book is not yet finished. You will be able to download the episodes from the main page as I update the feed. Here I’ll put info on the characters, the world as we go along, and have extra goodies like wallpapers, icons, and collectibles like t-shirts, mouse pads, and coffee mugs. Keep checking back here! It’s going to get exciting.


Reagan Fischer is a body guard to celebrities. No on expects the hot date or party girl best friend as hired protection. Reagan finds herself thrust into the mystery of a strange murder with trappings of the supernatural, if she believed in that sort of thing. Immediately asked to come in to help guard a religious archeologist and an object he’s uncovered by an old friend, the only way she’ll get involved is if you pay her enough. It’s going to take a lot to convince Reagan that the world she knows isn’t how it really is. But there are plenty of ghosts, angels and magic going around to turn her into a believer. Especially when it’s believe or die.


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